Course Sales Accelerator
by Live Rich Closing

*ring* *ring*

It’s profits calling.

We tap into 7-10 figure Course Creators’ existing marketing to call, text, nurture, and close every lead
Partner with the closing team that’s on track to close over a million dollars in sales for our 7-10 figure clients this year

in sales projected for this year


dials to our clients' leads


hours saved for our clients

Data accurate as of July 7, 2019
Kevin David
10-Figure Entrepreneur
500,000+ YouTube Subscribers
2,376 Jobs Quit

A good webinar converts at 5%. But what about the other 95%?

You’re already spending $1,000’s on marketing.

Why not nurture every lead for more sales at no extra cost?


No retainer. Commission only.

One simple setup fee. We love transparency ♥

We're built for course creators

We only work with infopreneurs in the business and personal development niche

Our proven outbound system rocks

Our script and professional team have been proven to convert extremely well no matter the client.

No spammy or pushy sales tactics

Our goal is to have your prospects thank us at the end of the call for helping so much. And yes, it happens often. 😉

Some of our clients have seen up to a 228% increase in their total conversion rate!

"They've Closed Almost Every Single Lead That I Send To Them"

Matt Tran

Engineered Truth
Nearly 400,000 YouTube Subscribers

Deep analytics

Just because we're working with humans doesn't mean you shouldn't have transparent analytics.

We offer our clients their own analytics dashboard to monitor their phone sale stats much like Facebook or Google Ads.
outbound phone sales analytics dashboard

Just a few of our clientele

Kevin David

Kevin David

10-Figure Entrepreneur
500,000+ YouTube Subscribers
2,376 Jobs Quit
Dan Dasilva

Dan Dasilva

8 Figure Shopify Expert
100,000+ YouTube Subscribers
Matt Tran

Matt Tran

Engineered Truth
Nearly 400,000 YouTube Subscribers

Powerful follow up that converts

We reach out to leads through phone, voicemail, SMS, email and more to have the highest chance of closing the sale

Experienced Closers

Our closers are rigorously trained and compete in a healthy team environment to convert you more sales

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we outsource your calls to third-world country call centers?

Nope! All of our closers are trained in house by our Chief of Sales, Dylan Starr, to make sure that we not only get sales, but that we're also representing your brand in the best possible light.

That means real people helping out your prospects.

Are we going to close people that would have already been closed from your automated follow-ups?

Nope! We use affiliate links to track sales. That means if we contact a lead but they buy through a follow up email, because they didn't use our link, we don't get credited.

Are we going to call your leads in the middle of the night and disturb them?

Nope! We've hard-set our calling software to restrict calling prospects at bad times based on their timezone.

Ready to scale without putting in more hours?

Accelerate your business now! 
P.S. we can only take on so many clients so get in contact with us soon.
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